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First, I asked myself, and then, I asked my travel colleagues………have I (you) ever been to Portugal?  Astoundingly, I, and almost 100% of my colleagues, had not been. Wondering why, I immediately flew off to Lisbon.

Well, now I can say that Portugal far exceeded my expectations.  Truly a “must” for the traveler who has seen it all! The city, the country, the coastline, the rich history, the variety of climate and landscape, the food, and the people!  For a small country, the variety of terrain, climate, culture is vast.  In every category, I found Portugal to be a “10”!  Please reach up to the menu bar and click on “Portugal” to see what I found!


Yes, the Yucatan (peninsula) is part of Mexico and, yes, Cancun is what most travelers have heard about.  But, from my travel experience in most parts of Yucatan, there is so much more than the beach resorts.  Consider my “insiders” custom tours that connect all the dots beyond the beaches to places like Merida, Campeche, Valladolid, Tulum, and then south to Belize.  Great weather, bustling colonial cities, archaeological sites galore, history, and biological and botanical wonders that all go hand in hand with the spirit of the Mayans. You’ll fall in love with their easy pace and funny sense of humor, the local ancient intellect, and the warm and gracious way of the Mayans.  Click on “Yucatan”  above and sample a Connoisseur’s Travel itinerary that can be custom made for your next adventure.

“Insiders Central Mexico”

Now, that I have had my living base in Mexico for eleven years, I can say with great confidence that our “Insiders Central Mexico” tours are like no others.  As in most places in the world, local knowledge is everything and when combined with my personal knowledge and our local guides, touring central Mexico is a really fun!   From the Colonial Cities to the small pueblitos, I am truly comfortable and confident with the language, the food, and the traditions of Mexico.  Personally guided or “own your own” works beautifully as you can see by clicking above on “Mexico” to see a sample itinerary that can be modified to personally suit you .  Buen Viaje!


As a client, who just returned from Sicily (July, 2013), said…….”Out of all of the places I’ve been in the world, Sicily was simply outstanding and made me feel like I was living inside a great book!”…….. And, to that, I say “ditto”!

By virtue of size and transportation routes, touring Sicily is easy and pleasurable.  And, if you really want to see the Greek temples, skip Greece and come to Sicily.  Read up a little on Sicily’s history to find out that it was the center of the Mediterranean world for 200 years after the fall of Athens.  The richness of the history and culture is amazing and so are the touring possibilities.  Starting from either the Catania airport (east coast) or the Palermo airport (west coast) it’s easy travel by car.  Time permitting, a “dive” into the interior of Sicily reveals a world unchanged by time and freshly made ricotta cheese.

Click above on my sample  “Sicily” and you will get a good feeling for what you, your family, or small group can do.  And, don’t worry, the food is fabulous……fish, vegetables, lamb, pastas, cheeses, and, oh yes, wonderful things for your sweet tooth.


O.K., this is a big subject…..bear with me!  After 17 or 18 trips to India (I’ve lost count) , I can still say that India is (maybe) my favorite country.  Mostly, my trips have been personally guided small groups, but, “on your own” with, Sanjay, my ground operator of many years, is perfectly wonderful.  My tours to the north and the south are organized by weather and, therefore, the time of year.  And so on and so on and so on!  Because India is India, which means that it is complicated, layered, weathered, vast, and fantastic, I suggest that you click on my “India” above and then, let’s chat on the phone or by email.  India is well suited for a small group of 8-12.


Spain, simply wonderful  and big!  Steeped in history, culture, and tradition, Spain is a travelers delight.  From a Madrid hub, my tours take you by car, train, or plane to the four major regions of Spain…..north, central, south, and Barcelona on the east coast.

Depending on time and budget, you can chose to explore a single region or all of the above. For example, my north region tour enjoys San Sebastian, Bilbao, Santander, Pamplona, and more.  From a secondary base in San Sebastian, we go north to nearby Biarritz, France for a little “glitz” and then to Bilbao for excellent Basque food and, of course,  the architectural wonders of Architect Frank Gehry, the Guggenheim, and Engineer Calatrava’s foot bridge over the river.  From Bilbao, we go to Santander on the coast and then follow the coastline to see beautiful fishing villages and countryside before diving south into the famous wine region and returning to Madrid by way of Salamanca.

My central region tours normally include “in depth Madrid” with day trips to Salamanca, Segovia, Toledo, and so on……. more than enough for an excellent one week tour.

Barcelona is like a region and destination all unto itself.  As little or as much time can be dedicated to the City and, of course, Barcelona can be linked to the other Spain regions for a really great all around trip.

Off to the south region, be sure and pack a lunch……there is so much to see and do.  Sevilla, Cordoba, Jerez, and Granada are for sure on the trail of famous and glorious “must see” destinations.  In the hot season, it’s hot!  So, let us coordinate your timing for maximum enjoyment.  Just click above on “Spain” to get a feeling of what we can customize for you.


Italy is a wow every time no matter what!  But, if your looking for more than Rome-Florence-Venice, then, consider Puglia on the southeast coast of Italy.  An easy plane or car transfer from Rome, Puglia is a wonderful destination to explore.  Staying in an old masseria (fortified farm house) or villa by the sea and day tripping to see Bari, Ostuni, Martina Franca, Lecce, Cisternino, and more will expand your Italy experience with something you could not have imagined.

For the more adventurous, try what we did……a car trip from Puglia to the wine country in Piedmont (northwest Italy).  Since Italy is a fairly small country and is serviced by excellent highways, criss crossing Italy by car is fun and easy.  Dropping your car at your last base and taking a train back to your airport hub is a comfortable way to end your journey.

Take a “click” above and look at my “Puglia”  to see what I’m talking about and, then, let’s talk some more.  Puglia is fabulous!


Click above on Morocco to preview my fourteen day “small group” tour.  We get to “see it all” from Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech, including many other destinations. Travelling in fine style, we experience the extremes from desert to oasis, city to village, and from donkey cart to sophisticated fine dining.  Grand accommodations, interesting places to explore, another culture, superb dining, and, of course, moroccan shopping.   My tour includes practically everything to make your exotic Morocco “trip of a lifetime” easy, comfortable, and enjoyable.  Family tours and individual tours can be customized to fit your time frame, budget, and interests.


For the experienced traveler, Turkey is truly an unbelievable destination!  The “Crucible of Civilization”, Turkey offers more Roman cities than Italy and Greece combined!  Marble antiquities to turquoise Mediterranean seas, a 10-12 day trip will introduce you to Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, and cruising the “Turkoise Coast”. Click above on Turkey for a tour overview and, then, let’s talk Turkey.


Africa, the largest continent on the planet, offers a vast array of possibilities.  Safaris, sophisticated cities, beaches, incredible game and site seeing, mountains, deserts, villages, and “you name it”!  Because of the variety of tour possibilities, clients are advised to concentrate on regions, time of year, and points of interest, which will guide us in creating your African trip of a lifetime!

We personally work with you to craft your tour to meet your dreams.  Time, budget, level of service, points of interest, and degree of difficulty are all considered in making your adventure in Africa special.  Our ground operators and guides are some of the best in the world and they have years of experience in “pampering” you in the wild!

And so, when you’re ready for your trip to Africa, please honor us with the opportunity to share our experience and knowledge with you.  You can speak with me personally to develop your itinerary and to arrange for our first conversation.   Just send an email to me, Adamarie King at:

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