About Ada King

My Father taught me two important things:  to think and to travel.  Before starting my travel business, I started as a traveler.  As I continue to travel the world today, my goals are much the same as they were when I stepped off of the plane for the first time in Rome in 1978.  For me, to travel well, eat well, enjoy new cultures, meet new people, and to absorb the sites, smells, and feelings is everything.  The thrill of “wheels up” and away on a new journey is in my DNA.

Travel in today’s world has certainly changed in a lot of ways.  Some for the good and some for the not so good.  Now, everything is electronic, digital, more security conscious, and more expensive.  Certainly my fingers get more exercise than ever before!  No longer do I deliver folders, files, photos, maps, books, and tickets to my clients, but, rather, almost everything is sent by email with attachments to be opened on laptops, I-pads, I-phones, and who knows what else.

What has not changed is my love of travel and “putting it all together” for my wonderful clients who continue to challenge me with their queries and by saying…..”where are you sending us the next time?”  Their comments, upon return, are still music to my ears and an incentive to us all that I wish to share with you.

So, off we go uploading and downloading into the busy morning markets, to see the tigers, to taste the fresh ricotta cheese, and to experience another trip of a lifetime.  Don’t forget your batteries and chargers!  At your convenience, I welcome your inquires.  You can contact me at: ada@connoisseurstravel.com or you can call at 1-800-888-672-1140

 Press Release – July, 2013:  http://cntrvlr.com/adamarie 

“I am once again thrilled (14 consecutive years) to be recognized on Wendy Perrin’s Condé Nast Traveler Magazine List of Top Travel Specialists – this year for both Mexico and Sicily. It’s wonderful and an honor to be in such excellent company.” 

Top Travel Specialist 2013 Logo

Conde Nast Traveler Magazine "Specialist" for 14 consecutive years

Conde Nast Traveler Magazine “Specialist” for 14 consecutive years

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